Give Old Furniture a New Look with These Essential Materials

By Melissa Zhu

Don’t be too quick to throw out or dismiss old furniture.

With the help of some common items found online or at your neighbourhood hardware store, it’s easy to transform tired chairs and cupboards into funky statement pieces.

Here are our top picks to work that makeover magic:

1.   Spray Paint

There’s no better way to make your furniture look new again. We especially love the glamour gold spray paint imparts to simple household items like table lamps, and how plain metal chairs painted in pastel colours can instantly brighten up a living space.  

Source: Pennies for a Fortune

Source: The Crafty Mummy

2.   Stencils

Paint with stencils to add an elegant or whimsical touch to an old wooden chest or other furniture. Stencils in fun shapes such as animals are also great for children’s rooms.

Source: Etsy

3.   Wallpaper or Contact Paper

The possibilities with these are almost limitless. You could, for example, make your bedside drawers match your room décor perfectly by using the same wallpaper, or give your kitchen table a faux marble finish.

Source: Poppytalk

4.   Wooden Panels

There’s something about a home decorated with wood that’s incredibly cosy and inviting. For a refreshing balance between modernity and rustic warmth, you could try attaching wooden panels across the headboard of a non-wooden bedframe.

Source: Sugar and Cloth

5.   Fabric

Fabric is a great way to spruce up the look of old furniture. Get creative and cover a bench top with a patterned rug or blanket, or make an office chair more interesting with an eye-catching print.

Bedroom Inspirations

By Sandra Lim

Your bedroom is your safe haven; a place where you can unwind and calm your soul. Create a restful haven with some of our bedroom inspiration ideas.

1. Display Wall Unit

 Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

Display your favourite pictures and keepsakes with this stylish wall unit. Clean and simple, it also helps to keep your clutter at bay.

2. Customized Pillows

Source: ParrisChichBoutique via Ets

Who doesn’t love soft and comfy pillows? Combine that with your own customized pillows sets with quirky taglines and fonts and create that pillow heaven you’ve always been dreaming of.

3. Elegant Bedside Lamp

Source: Pottery Barn

Freshen up your room with an elegant bedside lamp. Together with a soft light, you can lounge in bed and indulge in some light reading.

4. Travel in your Dreams

Source: CalamariSky via Etsy

Take your wanderlust spirit to your bedroom with this creative world map printed duvet cover. Nestle between your sheets and keep yourself warm and let your dreams take flight.

5. Aromatic Scents

Source: LeScent via Gumtree

 Finally, soak in some aromatic scents to relax your body, soul and mind. Choose a soothing scent that will help you unwind and de-stress from the hustle and bustle of work.