Fabulous Christmas Home Décor Ideas You’ve (Probably) Never Thought Of

By Melissa Zhu

The Christmas season brings a warm, fuzzy feeling to many an ice-cold heart: the year-end period is special to many of us, as a time when we head home and gather with family and friends.  

In our last post we talked about awesome Christmas theme party ideas. But even if you’re not holding any major parties, it’s still a joy to decorate your home in the spirit of the season and make your living space feel even cozier than usual.

To get cracking, head over to our Christmas Collection for extraordinary savings on some really cute decorations. But that’s not all! We’ve also found some truly genius Christmas décor ideas we’re pretty sure will blow your socks off.

Here they are:

Turn Household Appliances into Snowmen with Window Decals

Source: Shabby Chicks

How could this not bring a smile to anyone’s face?

Hot Cocoa Home Bar

Source: Celebrating Everyday Life

We may not have winter, but December is still the coldest month all year, with temperatures expected to go as low as 23 degrees Celsius. A Christmassy mug of hot cocoa on a chilly, rainy evening is sure to warm everyone’s bellies and hearts.

Make a Christmas Card Tree

Source: homelife

If you receive lots of Christmas cards, don’t just read them and chuck them in a dank drawer to be forgotten: they can double up as an interesting “Christmas tree” which grows as you get more cards.

String Candy Canes Up As Door or Window Decorations

Source: Good Housekeeping

Bonus: you can totally eat the decorations afterwards.

Recycle Extra Materials for a Wreath

Source: Sharyn Carlson

Do you have excess wrapping paper or tree ornaments that seem fated to a lifetime of sitting around gathering dust? Give them a chance as eye-catching decorations in their own right!

We have gathered the best Christmas Home Ideas to let the festive spirit spread throughout your home.